Despoina Spiros; Spring's Flame

Black Fury Elder Theurge who specializes in finding and restoring lost caerns, currently staying at the Sept to make sure no one messes up all the work she did opening the caern she will leave if she can ever find an antiquate replacement, after all there are many other caerns to be restored and reawakened.

"Born to Gaia to raise Gaia, the spirits awake, the Spring is coming and we must become mothers to birth mother."

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Despoina Spiros' Known History

Despoina isn't sure where she was born, she was found by a family camping in the woods,who adopted here when she was a child. Despoina was always a dreamer and her first shift happened when she started running from her room believing she was playing with Fairies and other strange creatures up on the hill by herself at night. Despoina had always loved hidden secret places and dedicated herself to finding the most secret of places when she finished her Rite of Passage. Locating and reawakening lost caerns.

Despoina travelled from place to place gaining a reputation for finding the hidden. She joined a pack called Mother's Tears searching to restore Holy places not just belonging to the Furies but all Fera and Tribes. The Pack tends to go from place to place leaving the Caern in the care of whomever should rightfully own it.

The Pack answered the call for help when they former Silver Fang Caern was being abandoned as a lost cause, Despoina gained her Elder Rank finding out what was wrong and re-opening the caern. She has decided to stay as Rites Master until she can find a replacement.

Despoina Spiros' Current State

Despoina is staying at the Caern as Elder Theurge and Rites Master, She doesn't entirely trust the Keeper of the Land and is often watching what he is up to. If she needs to leave she will pick a younger Theurge she has respect for to attempt to fill her positions while she goes to her pack to aid them in opening lost holy places.

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