Human or wolf friends and aides.
System: If you need someone to help you then you can roll allies and they will be able to help according to successes. If you botch then they need help from you can Allies cannot be used again until this is resolved.


Spiritual connection between Garou and their ancestry.
System: A dot of Ancestors may be burned to give the Garou + 1d10 as an ability1 if the Garou does not have an appropriate Ability.


Sources of reliable information.
System: Roll to see if you can get information and some times favours, which you will often need to do something for them.


A magical item of variable power, with Storyteller
System: You can get a Fetish or rank equal to dots in this background, Fetish List.


Sway over the institutions of human society in any number of areas: Bureaucracy, Church, Finance, Garou Nation2, Health, High Society, Industry, Legal, Media, Occult, Police, Political, Street, Transportation, Underworld, University.
System: You have a job or position that gives you influence in an area, to get something or make a change you must roll, should you botch you must take some time to repair your influence.


Non-shifting human or wolf relatives who do not suffer the Delirium.


An older or more experienced Garou instructor or patron.
System You can roll and if you get successes you can get advice or hints from your mentor.

Pure Breed

Measures lineage and pedigree within Garou society.
System you can Burn a dot in Purebreed to get a + 1d10 for social challenges.


Material wealth and access to readily available cash.
System No Dots Poverty/Minimum Wage3 One Dot Salaried Employee4 Two Dots Middle Class5 Three Dots Upper Middle Class6 Four Dots Upper Class7 Five Dots Rich8


The number and/or level of rites one has learned.
System You can have 2 Rite points per dots put in this background. So with one dot a rank 2 Rite or two one Rank rights etc.

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