Default Litany

This is the Litany that your character will be judged by when it comes to renown, etc. Understand that this is what will be used if the pack does not have their own Litany.

Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou

The reason for this law is that Garou who mate with other Garou will pull away from man and wolf. Gaia wishes for us to connect with and need humans and wolves in a romantic manner. She has decreed we mate only with wolves or humans - if we disobey this decree, not only do we pay but so do our children.

Combat the Wyrm Wherever It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds

This is a mandate that sums up the Garou Nation. All of us fight the wyrm in the best ways we can, the Fenrir with tooth and fang, the Children of Gaia in the hearts and souls of humanity, the Bone Gnawers among the disenfranchised.

Respect the Territory of Another

Garou have Rage and are at heart part wolf. Territory isn't important to humans; just things. Territories are the things a Garou would give their life for: the place where their pack lives, their family and their ancestor's fetishes. This law gives leave to all Garou of all rank to demand respect and protect these things.

Accept an Honorable Surrender

There are fewer and fewer Garou, we must not allow our rage and blood lust to thin our numbers further. If another Garou gives up and sincerely accepts losing, then the surrender should be accepted. The Wyrm cannot do anything honourably; surrender being the least of these things.

Submit to Those of Higher Station

This does not mean you cannot disagree; but once those of a higher rank or a higher position in your pack put their foot down then shut up and do what they say. We don't have time to squabble.

You Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans

The flesh of humans contains more taint than other beasts; worse, it is addictive. Eating it should be avoided at all times and even accidental consumption should be taken seriously. Needless to say to a Garou eating a human or a wolf is cannibalism.

Respect for Those beneath You - All Are of Gaia

This is to remind us to tread carefully. It isn't an excuse to force cubs to display respect, no Garou is below me and must earn respect. This is for kinfolk, humans, wolves; all the things we must defend. We must remind ourselves the world and the creatures in it are what our duty is to.

The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted

None who are not part of the supernatural world should be brought into ours, we should do everything we can to keep humans from knowing what we are. It is most likely people would fear us and try to wipe us out, even if it's just an opening the wyrm needs turn humanity on us. Kinfolk as our parents, lovers, siblings and children are on our side of the veil.

Do Not Suffer Your People to Tend Your Sickness

This isn't just being sick or being wounded in battle; it is the point where significant resources are being drained to take care of one kinfolk or Garou to the detriment of the sept or pack.

The Leader May Be Challenged during Peace

When there is time for people to relax and no one is doing something immediate and major, those of higher station can be challenged for their position. This helps keep those higher up from becoming complacent.

The Leader May Not Be Challenged during War

Being challenged doesn't mean someone just arguing with you or disagreeing; it is a formal challenge or continuing to argue after the leader says that the discussion is over. Being in a major battle such as defending a caern or launching a major offensive on a Wyrm stronghold is not the time for switching leaders.

You Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated

Caerns are too important to be allowed to fall to the wyrm, or though someone not following the rules set down by the Keeper of the Land or the Rites Master.

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