Debbie Connor - WIP

Name Debbie Connor
Deed Name Calms the beast
Player Trish

Breed Homid
Auspice Theurge
Tribe Shadow Lord

Pack Name

Physical Tertiary
Strength 2
Dextarity 2
Stamina 2

Social Secondary
Charisma 3
Manipulation 2
Appearance 3

Mental Primary
Perception 3
Intelligence 4
Wits 3

Talents Secondary
Altertness 1
Athletics 2
Brawl 2
Empathy 2
Expression 2

Skills Tertiary
Etiquette 2
Performance 2
Survival 2

Knowledges Primary
Academics 4
Computer 2
Enigmas 3
Investigation 2
Rituals 4


Breed Gift Homid Gift Master of Fire
Auspice Gift Theurge Gift Mother’s Touch
Tribe Gift Shadow Lords Gift Whisper Catching

Renown: Glory
Renown: Honour
Renown: Wisdom

Rage 2
Gnosis 4
Willpower 4

Linguistics-2 Latin, Japanese
Spirit Mentor-3


Other Traits

Baptism of Fire
Rite of the Questing Stone
Gathering for the Departed
Rite of Shrouded Glen lvl 4
Rite of the Fetish lvl 3
Rite of Summoning lvl 2

Notes and Other
Freebie Use Gnosis-3 (6 points)
Academics-1 (2 points)
Rituals-1 (2 points)
Rites-2 (2 points)
Willpower 4 (1 point)
Merit: Spirit Mentor (3 points)

Rain's Notes
Rite of Shrouded Glen lvl 4, Rite of the Fetish lvl 3, Rite of Summoning lvl 2 added as per Player's request (logs in email)
Spirit mentor is recorded as submitted in these logs.
Swapped freebie from Enigmas for Academics to make Creation points jive for Knowledges

Math works fine.

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