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Find on this page the current packs we have in play.

You are not limited to picking from these packs, and indeed not all of them are accepting members (to find packs looking for members click here.)

If any additional information is needed for these packs we can adjust the template, but as it shouldn't be difficult to click on the pack's page or webforum (whichever is included if not both) to find out details or read of their adventures.

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Name of Pack

Pack Storyteller:
Pack Members

Pack Territory

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Urban Legends

Pack Storyteller Alter
Pack Members:
Grey playing Ian Geirson, Get of Fenris Ragabash
Alter playing Dax "Shank" Solie, Bone Gnawer Ahroun
Kyotzu playing Dian, Bone Gnawer Galliard
Empty Shel playing Kyriaki Colonomos, Black Fury Philodox
Rain playing Josie Kellis, Glass Walker Theurge
}Hermes{ playing Hermes Eneas, Glass Walker Theurge
ShadowCougar playing Lavan "Red Dot" Volkav, Glasswalker Ragabash

Pack Kinfolk
Ekko playing Starla, Glass Walker Kinfolk
Empty Shel playing Tami, Bone Gnawer Kinfolk
Jason Geirson, Fenrir Kinfolk, NPC

Pack Territory Shelley Village

Urban Legends forum page.

Pack of the Running Water

Pack Storyteller Grey
Pack Members:
Alter playing Lowbone, Get of Fenris Ragabash
Mouse playing Minds the Gap, Child of Gaia theurge
Grey playing Silent Hunter, Child of Gaia Philodox
Casey playing Candraja, Star Gazer Galliard
Cody playing Charlie Reynolds, Child of Gaia Ahroun
Varrack playing Snaps Ribs, Get of Fenris Ahroun

Pack Kinfolk
Rain playing Gillian Locitelli, Fenrir Kinfolk
Cheryl playing Jarrett Marshall, Child of Gaia kinfolk

Pack Territory Somerset

Pack of the Running Water forum page.

Honourable Claws

Pack Storyteller: Rain
Pack Members
Kyotzu playing Andrei, Silver Fang Ahroun
Alter playing Ewan Tyme, Child of Gaia Theurge
Player playing Sam Weiss, Glass Walker Ahroun
Empty Shel playing Meng Po, Uktena Ragabash
Grey playing Rob Frost, Red Talon Philodox
JohnS playing Petar, Shadow Lord Galliard

Pack Kinfolk
Rain playing Mi'chelle mah Belle, Silver Fang kinfolk.

Alter playing Cris, NPC Silver Fang kinfolk

Pack Territory Chelsea

Honourable Claws forum page

Sisterhood of the Wolf

Pack Storyteller: Alter
Pack Members
Alter playing Velvet, Shadow Lord Galliard
TheKindlyOnes playing Skeggjold, Get of Fenris Theurge
Empty Shel playing Ginger d'Argent, Silver Fang Ahroun
Charlie playing Charlotte O'Reilly, Fianna Ragabash
Alex playing Rose, Glass Walker Ragabash
Maryrose playing Annika, Child of Gaia Theurge

Pack Kinfolk
Alter playing S'en, kinfolk
Grey playing Alex Argyris, Black Fury kinfolk
Kyotzu playing Brandon O'Reilly, Fianna kinfolk

Pack Territory Old Docks

Sisterhood of the Wolf forum page

The Guild of the Scarlet Lily

Pack Storyteller: Alter
Pack Members:
Megankitty playing Madeleine Amy Belmont; Cliath, Glass Walker, Theurge
ShadowCougar playing Jack Roberts; Cliath, Silver Fang, Ahroun
Empty Shel playing Hamish Doyle, Cliath, Glass Walker Philodox

Pack Kinfolk:
Alter playing Duchess; Glass Walker kinfolk
EmptyShel playing Amanita; kinfolk
Kyotzu playing Alyssa Taylor, Silver Fang kinfolk
Maryrose playing Bria Valentine, Glass Walker kinfolk

Pack Territory: Glendale

The Guild of the Scarlet Lily forum page

Graveyard Shift

Pack Storyteller: Kyotzu
Pack Members
EmptyShel playing Lucky Bitch, Bone Gnawer Galliard
Alter playing Robert Sotir, Black Fury Ragabash
Grey playing Catches Fire, Silver Fang Philodox
Megankitty playing Storm Thorgrimson, Child of Gaia Galliard
Craig playing Alain, Stargazer Theurge

Pack Kinfolk
ShadowCougar playing Sigard, Child of Gaia kinfolk
Rain playing Suzannah, Black Fury kinfolk

Pack Territory Charon

Graveyard Shift forum page

Bear's Brigade

Pack Storyteller: Alter
Pack Members
Grey playing Addison, Bone Gnawer Ahroun
Derp playing Jarvis, Glass Walker Ragabash
LeeLee playing Haruto "Harry" Knight, Child of Gaia Theurge
Cheryl playing Nikolas Vukasin, Bone Gnawer Ahroun
EmptyShel playing Esperanza Ruiz, Uktena Galliard
Alter playing Seok Mun, Stargazer Philodox

Pack Territory Coventry

Bear's Brigade forum page

The Onyx Storm

Pack Storyteller: Gir
Pack Members
Alpha position is currently vacant
Clovis "Flows-Like-The-Wind" Jackson (Pack Asshat, Stargazer Theurge)
Wren "Unicorn's Furor" Blackburn (Child of Gaia Ahroun)

Pack Territory Scituate

[<web address to Pack's Page or Webforum> *The Onyx Storm* forum page]

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