Cub Rules

You must have a Pack Storyteller to play this character Type.

Cubs are discouraged in this game due to the fact that they are rarely cubs for long. Our interpretation is that cubs are educated on the basics then sent through rite of passage right away, maybe leaving them as cubs for a month.

However there are times when someone may in fact need to play a cub so here are the classifications.

Kin Cubs: These are cubs that start out as kinfolk. They pretty much know everything they need to, already understanding the ways of the Garou. These Cubs are available with Pack Storyteller Permission for things like settling on a Auspice or a Tribe, or any of these little details.

Lost Cubs: These are cubs who don't know they are Garou and don't have any idea how Garou society works. This is best for players who have never played Werewolf before and need to learn along with their character.

Kin Cubs can make their sheet as normal but are asked to leave freebies off of their sheets and place them after their Rite of Passage. If they are uncertain about their tribe they are asked to include this in their Notes at the bottom of the form.

Lost Cubs are asked to submit their sheet but with 6/4/3 for Attributes and for Abilities 11/7/4, they may spend freebies. Their Pack Storyteller will assign the Attributes and Abilities the cub player is missing as they feel they earn them. Lost Cubs May not spend Experience points until they go through their rite of passage.

Submission Form

It is very important that only Pack Storytellers can approve Cub characters. The Staff will not approve one without speaking to the pack Storyteller.

Cubs in this setting should not be cubs for more then two months at the most, if neither of these classifications fit you you should start off as a Cliath.

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