I would like to figure out how to put a table here so we can direct links to characters organized by auspice, tribe, and pack. This will take a bit because there is quite a bit to do before I can play with the table wizard :)

Until I can fiddle around with a proper table as I have envisioned, here is a simple organized list of characters divided into Auspice plus Kinfolk.

As I can't see our kinfolk list being huge enough to flutter into their own respective auspices via category, they can have their own little listing.


Cruel Storm Ciro, NPC, Homid Shadow Lord
Ian Geirson, Homid Get of Fenris


Despoina Spiros, NPC, Homid Black Fury
Josie Kellis, Glass Walker Theurge


Ime Kinkou, NPC, Metis Child of Gaia


Redmondo "Red" Hanlon, NPC, Homid Fianna


Edelmar "Ed" Watchman NPC, Lupus Silver Fang


Lamentation Watchman NPC
Mi`chelle Galitzine
Gillian Locitelli

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