Charon's Obol

Talen Rank Five, Gnosis 8
A golden coin with the head of Athena on one Side and the Goddess of Victory Nike on the other. The Coin is about the size of a nickle and can be easily placed below the tongue.

Should a blow bring the character with the Obol to dead. The Garou may reflexively roll Gnosis diff 8, instead of rage healing if he successed he will return in a different physical location, far enough to avoid the attack but at least 5 ft. from where he was at the health levels he was before the death blow. If he was incapacitated he will return as crippled.

Rage maybe spent before activation but after the obol is used all remaining rage actions are lost, no more rage maybe spent that round.

The Coin will Vanish and not be able to be located.

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