Character Status

Check here to see the status of a submitted character.

If your character has a note to see a specific ST, we are waiting to hear from you.

Active Folks:

Player Character Name Tribe Pack ST (if applicable) Status Notes
{[ Penwright Esquire Silver Fang Awaiting Approval Please see the sheet staff
{[ Claude Witte Silver Fang Temp Approved Changes being made to char
Blackfyre Glimpse the Abyss Fianna Pending Approval Please email the Staff
Cheryl Nikolas Vukasin Bone Gnawer Alter Temp Approved
ClockworkMage JohnReed Silent Striders Temp Approved Please see the staff
Cody Chance Mulcahey Fianna Temp Approved Gloom will be hunting you. Be afraid…
Cody Zachary Brown Bone Gnawer Hollow_Shel Pending Gloom is still hunting you…
Dee Renea Pilette Bone Gnawer Temp Approved E-mail Adjustments Needed
Illyume Chases-the-Wind Stargazer Approved
Jason S. Agrippa "Grip" Winslow Bone Gnawer Temp Approved* Please see Gloom :)
Jessica Skyler Back Fury Temp Approved Player Must E-mail Staff.
Megs Timothy Ray O`Fallon Fianna Pending
Rain Kate Sagansky Glass Walker Temp Approved Feedback was needed, sheet being re-done
Thomas Sigard Child of Gaia Kyotzu Temp Approved
Ramy Hugh Hunter Rico Child of Gaia Temp Approved
Conall Curach Johann Lemont Stargazer Approved ….
Hollow_Shel Meng Po Uktena Rain Approved Rain needs to toss on flaws
Rain Michelle Silver Fang Rain Approved List your missing languages, woman!
Thomas Joe Bone Gnawer Alli Approved

Inactive Folks:

Player Character Name Tribe Pack ST (if applicable) Status Notes
Colin00C Finbar MacLir Fianna Alter Temp Approved See Gloomcookie
Ianz Joshua Kota Uktena Temp Approved Please speak with Kyotzu or Gloom
Jeanne Astridr Jameson Get of Fenris Approved Please check the sheet we put up :)
JT Ethan Glass Walker Alter Approved Clarifications still required
JT Gavin McAllister Silver Fang Temp Approved background requested by Gloom
Keegan Richard “Dicky” Dickson Bone Gnawer Hollow_Shel Unapproved Enter notes
Kim Tempeste Wolfsblood Unapproved See your ST, or Gloomcookie or Kyotzu
Mouse Minds Child of Gaia Gray Temp Approved Waiting for info on Double Jeopardy Flaw
Mr. Dude Winter Thorn Get of Fenris …. Approved Please double check the posted sheet :)
Simonsays William McKnall Fianna Unapproved See your ST, or Gloomcookie or Kyotzu
Spiderkitty Eliza Bennett Glass Walker Temp Approved Find Kyotzu or Gloomcookie
Spiderkitty Rozalia Constantin Shadow Lord Alter Temp Approved
TaraL Ahote Deerrunner Wendigo Temp Approved
Trish Debbie Connor Shadow Lord Temp Approved See your ST, or Gloomcookie or Kyotzu
TaraL Alexsandra Stantinovich Silver Fang Unapproved See Gloomcookie
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