Captain Tubes

Captain Tubes is a Glass Walker Alpha who runs a massive pack online sending out missions to his pack which he calls his Crew or allied packs in his Tribe. The Crew consists of kinfolk and Garou alike. Instead of normal school ranks he uses ship positions by passing the normal rank issues.

"The Internet is like the high Sea and Arh! I be a pirate."

Capetian Tube's Basic Information

Name: Unknown
Deed Name: Captain Tubes
Storyteller: Alter

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Glass Walker

Rank: Elder
Camp: Monkey Wrencher

Captain Tube's Stats

Captain Tube's Known History

His history is mainly unknown, though he apparently has children who play video games.

Very little is known about the the man though his personal movement has been going on for some time. Gaining a massive following which he carefully chooses from to join his pack.

Captain Tube's Current State

Captain the of the pack called the Pirate Crew, he is a laid back man who uses his massive pack and massive information network to help the Glass Walkers and Garou Nation as a whole.

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