Caern History

Formerly an all Silver Fang Caern in a New England Manor, after all of the members of the former Sept where slaughtered stopping the Caern from falling to the Wyrm the Caern has been reborn as a multi-tribal Caern of Sacrifice.

Founding of Silverwood Manor

The Caern was founded in 1782, after a Caern of Leadership was found a Manor was Built to house the Caern after it was determined it would not destroy it. Native Spirits where moved out in Honour of Silver Fang Spirits and Falcon's Brood.

The Manor was called Silverwood Manor, and stood with its ground in the wood. The caern's heart was in the middle of a massive hedge maze; spirits confused visitors so that foes and visiting mortals could not enter.

Silverwood stood for many years and on occasion the King of House Wyrmfoe would stay and hold court there.

Something was wrong when the nearby Fenris Caern started to receive pointed questioning about missing kinfolk. This was shortly before the Manor's Fall.

Destruction of Silverwood Manor

During 2003 and the Northeastern black out the wyrm attacked, during the dark night when many others where busy dealing with issues in other places. Everyone was called back to the sept to defend it. Half of the Silver Fangs were trapped inside and the other who were called later attacked at the back of the enemy troops.

By the time reinforcements could arrive the Manor was burned down and there where no survivors on either side, except one teenaged kinfolk girl who had hidden under a hollow spot under the back step that had been used by staff to hide liquor.

The remaining kinfolk was renamed to Lamentation she inherited the land on paper being the last survivor of the family who owned the property in the area. Theurges tried to restore the caern but to no avail.

Abandonment of Silverwood Birth of Ghostwood

In 2009 the Silver Fangs announced that they would be leaving the caern due to it being a lost cause. A Fianna Galliard by the name of Redmond Hanlon heard about this and spread the word so that other Garou could try. This brought Edelmar Watchman of Pack of the Icy Stare to defend those willing to try to restore the caern, The Shadows of the Bat Pack to try and appease possibly angry spirits keeping the Caern from being Opened and a pack of Freebooters with a Theurge called Spring's Flame to try and open the caern.

In-fighting began among the Garou who had gathered before a Child of Gaia Philodox arrived to help everyone to work together. Once helped to work as a group the Caern was opened not as a Caern of Leadership as it had originally been but as a Caern of Sacrifice, the land did not forget all those that had given their lives.

Ghostwood Today

The Caern was renamed Ghostwood, now that the caern has been awakened some say they can see the ghost of dead Garou and maybe ghosts of the enemy walking the grounds. The Garou who came together to rebuild the caern are now its Elders and the Sept position holders.

Currently the Caern is a Mixed Sept due to the Silver Fangs choosing to abandon the caern for the most part rather than ask for assistance. Lamentation currently is the legal owner of the Caern grounds and married to Edelmar Watchmen.

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