Caern of Ghostwood

This is information about Ghostwood Caern which takes place on the former ground of Silverwood Manor a Silver Fang Caern which was destroyed but did not fall to the wyrm.

This information is subject to change when the 20th Anniversary game comes out.

Basic Information

Rank: 2
Bawn Size: 350 Acres
Maximum Moon Bridge Distance: 2,000 miles
Gauntlet: 4

Sept Totem: Wyvern1
The serpentine Wyvern is sometimes a herald of war and unrest, warning of approaching trouble. He despises the Wyrm greatly and is not above using dirty tactics when doing battle with corruption.

Traits: Wyvern's Children receive +2 Alertness, +2 Primal-Urge and learn the Gifts: Sight from Beyond and Call of the Wyld.

Ban: Wyvern hates seeing caerns defiled and charges his followers to defend caerns whenever asked, even if the sacred sites belong to rival tribes or other Changing Breeds. Wyvern's followers may never 'liberate' caerns from 'lesser shapeshifters'.

Caern Type: Sacrifice
Caerns of Sacrifice sometimes arise in areas where Garou or humans stood, fought and died in order to save those near and dear to them. They are particularly demanding to maintain as a sept must constantly make small but meaningful sacrifices of their own to replenish the caern's energy. When opened, such a caern might allow its defenders to share health levels with one another, the healthy taking the injuries of the critically wounded upon themselves.

Sept Customs

Revolving Leadership: the Caern has five position holders who are permanent fixtures and elders; since wolves work best in a hierarchy the Elder in charge is dependent on the Moon. The Moon in the sky makes the Elder for that Auspice the Alpha.

Moot Party: The Moot is a week long party taking place once every two months, cycling through the Auspices, each one getting a chance to be the hosts of the moot. The actual meeting part of the moot takes place in the middle of the week. Each Auspice assigns their own Moot Position Holder, giving as many as possible a chance for the spot light.

The Sacrifice: The Moot is Closed off after by each pack bringing something of beauty they had spent time making to be sacrificed.

Caern Locations

See Ghostwood Bawn
The area around a Caern which is still part of the primary territory of the Sept. This area is the place where the former Silverwood Manor grounds were original built to protect the Leadership Caern which was there before. The Caern itself backs onto Sweet Water National Forest which was formerly also part of the Caern of Leadership. The Bawn also includes an observation deck style area for those who wish to come to the caern but cannot fully enter or do not wish to.

A group of cabins have been added across the lake, there is also an area for a trailer park, those staying at the caern who wish more modern accommodations can stay there.

Graves of the Hallowed Heroes
See Ghostwood Cemetary
Where the honourable dead of the caern have been buried since the old caern's founding. Originally the cemetery was for Silver Fangs only but places have been made for newly fallen heroes if needed. There is a half circle of mausoleums in two rows the entrances of both of these rows face one another. Outside these rows in the middle of the half circle are more graves which are over grown with time.

Living Area
See Ghostwood Living Area
There aren't a lot of places to live inside the Caern, the remains of the Servant's quarters from the old Manor House and a Cottage used formerly as the guest house are the main places for Homid Garou and Kin to stay. The Cottage belongs to the Warder and his Wife. Most Garou stay on their own territory rather then living inside the Caern itself.

See Garden of Spirits

A garden around a pond that has been carefully maintained, there are stone statues here for many spirits that inhabit the local area. There is also a strange white flower which grows here; when burned it can make the person smoking it see the spirit world.

Assembly Area
See Old Stone Lodge

Formerly a building made in the woods for the Sun Lodge to meet in the day and the moon Lodge to meet at night, this old stone building is currently used for meetings at all time of day, thought the dimensions of the lodge seen strange at night almost as if the ghostly world of the Umbra leaked over slightly in the moonlight. The Lodge still has the massive fire place which sits in the main gathering area.

Caern Heart
See Heart Pillar

The Caern heart is on top of a grand pillar that rises up from a ledge over looking a river. The heart is hard to reach though there is a heavy bridge that someone in Crinos could lift easily.

See Ghostwood Umbra

The Umbra of Ghostwood is still marked by the tragedy that took place; sometimes shadows will seem to shift, sometimes even moving of their own accord - displaying or even playing out events that have happened before. Despite the fact that all of the colours seem brighter and more vivid, the water there is the colour of blood. The white flowers that mysteriously allow others to see the umbra shine like stars.

Sept Positions & Elder Council

The caern is run by which ever Elder's moon it is being the leader at the time. Each Elder also has a position in the Caern.

Guardian are either members of the Warder's pack or packs that have signed up to do so.

Edelmar "Ed" Watchman
"Being a Warrior means giving yourself. Being an effective Warrior means thinking of where best to give yourself."
Lord of House Wyrmfoe, Member of the Sun Lodge, Renewalist, Ahroun Elder
Pack of the Icy Stare
List of Names:
Storyteller: Any

Rites Master/Mistress
Despoina Spiros
"You find your true nature in your reflection."
Black Fury, Spring's Flame, Freebooter, Elder Theurge
Pack: Mother's Tears
Storyteller: Alter

Master of the Challenge
Ime Kinku
"One day we must all choose between what is right and what is easy."
Child of Gaia, Servant of Unicorn, Philidox Elder
Pack: None
Storyteller: _Rain_

Keeper of the Land
Cruel Storm Ciro
"Be a mirror of others stupidity, then they can see their mistake and hate them in another."
Shadow Lord, Child of Bat, Elder Ragabash
Pack: Shadows of the Bat
Storyteller: Alter

Redmond Hanlon
"Our lives are the sum of the stories we tell. If you don't have one worth telling, you don't have a life worth living."
Fianna, Brotherhood of Herne Member, Galliard Elder
Pack: None
Storyteller: Grey



Rite Assistant

Challenge Marshal

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Edelmar "Ed" Watchman
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Redmond Hanlon

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