Beast Court

The North American Beast Court in Sweet Shelley is a Little Different then the one across the Seas. Generations of immigrants have brought their culture with them which has mixed changed and been effected by the world around them. In this melting pot the Beast court still has many of it's traditions and is still isolated in many ways, come into the mysterious China town and become part of the intrigue.

Beast Court Breeds

Since this Beast Court is North American based they have opened up their membership to the following groups representing a wider variety of Asian Countries then the actual Beast Court. These are the groups which have chosen to ally with the Beast Court.

One might wonder if the Beast Court has so many tribes affiliated with it why the Fera of the Beast Court still have issue with the Garou of the Nation.

The truth is that the Hakken are a Rogue Nation inside a much larger one, they are below notice for now however if the Hakken and the Garou Nation should come to blows over Territory rights then the Fera of the Beast Court will have to take sides in what might very well become a war.


The Garou of the Beast Court this Group Contains Four Tribes, calling themselves the Hakken to differentiate themselves from the rest of the Nation. Many consider this group to just be one Tribe but they are more of a pan tribal camp.

The below Names are the Hakken terms for the tribes inside of them. Some of them are Organizations inside their parent Tribe.

  • Mountain's Thunder

Totem: Grandfather Thunder
Parent Tribe: Shadow Lords

From the outside the Shadow Lords and Mountain's Thunder would appear to have nothing in common. They do in fact have a code of honour many of Mountain's Thunder follow Bushido. Make no mistake the Garou of this tribe are Warriors and take that very seriously, Cunning and Skill are valued and Failure is not an option. The weak fall to dishonour and corruption.

The only Tribe of the East who can navigate the Courts better may in fact be the Blood Red Crest.

  • Blood Red Crest

Totem: Merlin1
Parent Tribe: Silver Fang

The Imperial family of the Hakken, the Blood Red Crest are a House of the Silver Fangs. Considered to have the Celestial Mandate to rule the Garou the Crest is ever vigilant not to have their mandate revoked.

The Crest are considered to be the Children of the Great White Wolf God and Gaia, their imperial blood is carefully preserved and no Crest may have less then 3 Purebreed.

  • Stargazers

Totem: Chimera
The Stargazers are not changed from the rest of their Tribe. Weather they are members of the Nation or the Beast Court is generally considered to be a personal choice or a matter of geography.

  • Uktena

Totem: Horned River Dragon2
Decedents of the misplaced person from Asia. This Branch of the Uktena is only in places in North America, where kinfolk fleeing oppression or extermination have swelled the ranks of this group giving them a wealth of mystic knowledge and tradition from the East.

These Uktena vary little from their Tribes mates of different heritages.

Hakken Litany
The laws the Hakken follow do not Vary from the Nation's.
These are Laws that apply only to the Hakken. They have been included for Expediences.

Additional Gifts
These are Gifts that can be learned later as if they were in Tribe, but cannot be taken at creation.
These gifts can be learned by Nation Allied Members of this group but they are purchased as if out of Tribe.

Hakken Creation Chart

Why No Boli Zousizhe?

The members of the Boli Zousizhe who would make up the tribe have either been absorbed into their Western Counter Parts or joined the Uktena at least in North America.


The Bastet were made by Gaia to pick up the burden of another Shifting Breed should that Breed fall. Sadly it's a bit disheartening and found themselves breaking off from the other Changing Breeds. The Bastet who have been invited into the Beast Court showed up happy to fill in where they can. Or grudgingly because they need to go all the way over there and help the rest of the Court who obviously just don't know what they're doing.

  • Khan

The Khan are noble warriors who protect those who cannot protect themselves. Fierce as Fire and Strong as Mountains the Khan are the equal or better of any other warrior in the Beast court, often sharing duties or taking over for the Garou. The Beast court Khan vary little from their fellows save for being more connected and organized by being among the Beast Court.

Khan Gifts

Form Statistics

The Yava of the Khan

  • Bagheera

Sages and Mystics, If the Khan are the Sun then the Bagheera are the Moon. Extremely wise the Bagheera are scholars of laws and rules, considered to be wise and fair judges, the Bagheera often fill in for the Nagah, given the scarcity of the Weresnakes.

Bagheera Gifts

Form Statistics

The Yava of the Bagheera

Bastet Breeds
The forms which Bastet are born in.

Bastet Pryio
Somewhat like the Garou Auspices they are dictated by the time of day the Bastet goes through their first change, by for-filling the behavior of their Pryio the Bastet can regain Willpower.

These are the laws the Bastet govern themselves by.

General Gifts
Gifts all Bastet can Take.

General Bastet Gifts

Bastet Merits and Flaws

Bastet Extras
Bastet Traits and Creation Chart


The Nagah may seem like an odd choice to move to the North American Beast Court, after all they are super secretive and only trust the Eastern Beast Court due to Honour don't they?

Honour is not something universal which all people in the East are compelled to uphold. The Nagah have slowly reintroduced themselves to the World and the Beast Court is their first venture. The Western Beast Court has allowed them to introduce themselves to new groups of their Beast Court Allies.

The Western court allows the Nagah to get a foot hold into the West to better do their job in North America. This does not mean breaking the first law, for they are currently feeling out the groups who are not in the Eastern Beast Court, such as the Uktena, and many of the breeds from India.

Nagah never work alone, ether working in groups of three or in Senais for short periods.

All the Nagah Breed are extremely vital to the Nagah as a whole. Each of them in their own way.


Form Statistics

The Sacred Laws

General Nagah Gifts
Nagah Extras
Nagah Traits and Creation Chart


When one species becomes too populous the environment suffers, Rabbits in Australia, A single cat can wipe out an island of birds who have never seen a cat before. Wolves will hunt the pray in their territory until they starve themselves.

The Ratkin are currently playing catch up, the Impergium saw the Garou taking up the job of culling the humans, and the Ratkin turned to other concerns. Later they realized that the humans had become so numerous that even plagues like the black death only encouraged them to pass laws to increase population.

The Ratkin have started to fall into madness as their task becomes more and more impossible, they will see humans as monsters as their task's nature encourages them to KILL KILL KILL.

Most of the Ratkin in the Beast court are Human Born, craving the human order and culture that many are denied because to most Ratkin spending too much time among the city and human cultures makes you highly suspect.

The Beast Court Ratkin are Ratkin and they stand with their kind and their duty in the end, however they are perpetual outsiders using human culture and behaviour to more effectively wipe out mankind then sitting around blaming the wolves for not doing the job the Ratkin were made for.

  • Nezumi

The Ratkin of this Plague are working towards the humans in their area to work their way into extinction. Dating sim girlfriends becoming more appealing than the real thing to the point where romantic get away spots are now equipped with equipment so you can be photographed with a virtual date.

Families limited to one child causing them to kill off the females until there are no longer any mates in the area.

The Nazumi's manipulations in the East are on the brink of bearing it's terrible fruit. It has become time to move their machinations over to the West. Helping males to isolate females with the same hobbies as them. The Nazumi's goal is not to kill their target but encourage humans to cease breeding all together.

  • Thuggees

These Ratkin from India encourage gang violence, part of a criminal organization which is also the name of their plague the Thuggees will raise the stakes and their methods forcing others to raise their own.

A gang fight begins and humans die before they can reproduce. Young punks are encouraged to randomly attack others on the street. It matters not to the Thuggees who dies, weather they be innocent or criminals.

As long as Street Crimes escalate to a war which takes as many lives as possible then the Thuggees have succeeded in working to cull humanity.

The Thuggees will work with any gang in China Town as a member. The Tong, the Triad, the Indian Mafia, it matters little to them as long as they can work their none Changer, member or Kin gang mates into a frothing state that causes them to take out as many mundane humans with them as possible.

The Curse
The Ratkin have failed in their task as much as any changing breed and the price for failure is a calling to for fill their duty. The Ratkin the longer they spend with their failure the more they begin to suffer symptoms like Schizophrenia.

The forms in which the Ratkin are born in before going through the birthing Plague, a Magical disease that turns a human or a rat into a Rakin or kills them.

Much like auspices these are the assigned through visions and signs given to the Ratkin while they suffer the birthing plague. Each Aspect has their own Strength and Weaknesses.

Form Statistics

The Creeds
The laws which guide the rat's society, distrusting outsiders or those connected to the human world is common
though not a law and some times ignored in rebellion by the Beast Court Ratkin.

Ratkin General Gifts
Ratkin Extras


The weresharks in most places are feral and monstrous, sticking mainly to the Sea and shunning the other Changing Breeds. So how do the Weresharks come to join the Beast Court?

It is said that once a Wereshark wandered up upon the land, he was greeted by the Mokole, the Dragons. They gave this Wereshark a human name, Mizuchi. Mizuchi had several epiphanies each about the Wereshark laws.

Mizuchi's conclusions was that the laws were not violated by spending time on the land. The sharks separated into two groups the Rokea who swam into the sea and the Same-Bito who keep a connection to the shore.

Same-Bito legend tells of the Great Unmaking, when the world is unravelled and rewoven, the Same-Bito believe they will be vital in the new world possibly taking over for their mentors the Mokole. The Same-Bito believe there is something on the shores they must see and understand to for-fill their purpose, otherwise why would they be able to turn into men?

Why would the Same-Bito come to a land where they would be under assault by the Rokea. Many of the Same-Bito who come to the West are interested in the Rokea movement called the Inbetweeners and seeing if maybe the Rokea are ready to reconnect with the Same-Bito.


The Same-Bito only have two breed forms, the Same-Bito have no sexual urge to breed with one another making Metis non existent. Even if the Same-Bito were compelled by some means to breed their union would bear no fruit.

The Same-Bito also have no kinfolk of their own, a union between a human or a shark will always produce one wereshark, no more and no less.

These are the three different Auspices that the Same-Bito fall under depending upon what time of day the wereshark was born on.

Same-Bito Litany

Form Statistics

Same-Bito General Gifts
Same-Bito Extras


The Mysterious healers and defenders of Gaia. The Werebears (also known as the Gurahl) recently awoke from a great sleep and have come to the Western Beast Court. In the domain of the Eastern Beast Court the Okuma, a Gurahl Tribe, were wiped out.

The Werebeast that wake in Asia have been seeking the protection of a non Okuma tribe being absorbed. Some of the human kinfolk of the werebears were absorbed by other shifters. The Bagheera and the Uktena being a particularly common source.

These groups being in the Western Beast Court but not the Eastern have encouraged the Bears to throw their lot in with the West. Most Gurahl will join the tribe of their mentors who are often not of Eastern Decent.


The Tribes of the Gurahl who are members of the Western Beast Court. The Walkers wish to enter Asia to aid the other shifters and the Keepers wish to recover as many lost kin and cubs from the Okuma Tribe as possible

The werebears have two breeds homids and ursine, the werebears use a special ritual to find their mates and it's speculated that they would fail to produce any offspring even if two werebears did try to mate.


The Auspice of the Werebear are more as the phases of their life, major life time events will cause a werebear to change their life in a major fashion. The path here is the most common ones the Werebears go through.

Form Statistics


Gurahl General Gifts
Gurahl Extras


The wereravens who come from the East call themselves the Tengu. Wereravens vary little throughout the world, regardless of where they are they are messengers and spies. Gathering information for the local court.

Some times the Ravens feel they need to make a grand display to be heard, giving them a reputation for being tricksters and even trouble makers.

The Tengu love humans and are extremely interested in human culture, their secrets and talking to humans. There are few creatures the Tengu can reach who keep secrets like humans. The Tengu also love to whisper secrets about supernaturals in the ears of humans, including many false claims, protecting the Beast Court through misinformation.

There is a rumour that the Tengu in Asia proper kidnap human babies and teaching them to fight supernaturals who aren't shifters, things get juicy when Western Corax* *Wereravens. Broke into one of these temples and used the Rite of the Fetish eggs on several of the kidnapped children.

Some of these Tengu have made their way to the Western Beast court making other members of their Changing Breed very nervous.


The Tengu don't reproduce like other shifters, any children the wereraven has with anyone will be kinfolks regardless. The child of two Tengu can never become a wereraven.. A wereraven is made from a ritual called the Fetish Egg where as a baby the ritual is done in the umbra and bound to the child giving them the soul of a Tengu.

Form Statistics

Raven's Law

General Tengu Gifts
Tengu Extras


The Werelizard, often referred to as weresaurians or weredragons. These are the keepers of Gaia's memories. They possess a special ability called Mnesis which allows them to remember times long past as if they had been there.

The Weresaurians have a intense connection to the Sun, which seems obvious due to them being Lizards.

Renowned for being slow moving and contemplative. The Mokole most associated with the Eastern Beast Court are the Zhong Lung however in recent years the Makara from India have gained contact through immigration.

Mokole tend to congregate in Wallows, which are places that both humans and kinfolk can easily live, makes living in New England a bit of a challenge, Wallows must be made artificially.

The Mokole in the Western Beast Court tend towards being younger and more impulsive, looking for new places and new experiences. The end of the world seems to be drawing near and the urge to experience and make history has gripped the hearts of the Younger Mokole causing them to travel to strange new Worlds.


Mokole operate in what they call Streams rather then Tribes. Each Stream come from a different place and represents a different Element. These also tend to dictate the varna or the types of lizards they become in their beast form.

The Auspices that the Makara and the Zhong Lung have are determined by the season that they are born in. These Auspices can have some variation due t the Zhong Lung and Makara cultures have most seasons having a different interpretation.

Remember that a Mokole born in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time as a Mokole born in the Northern Hemisphere would have different Auspices.

Due to the Mokole's long memories it is likely to be a long time before these auspices merge into a single concept.


The Mokole have only two breeds, should they attempt to mate with one another then the offspring is always twisted deformed and stillborn leading to the terrible ghost creatures in the umbra known as the Innocent.

The Duties

Form Stats
General Mokole Gifts
Mokole Extras


Legend says that the kitsune were called upon after all the changing breeds and the Kitsune empress tried to get out of her people having to join the the war. To make a long story short it didn't work and Gaia promised that one day the Kitsune would be the best at something and that they would be free again after the war.

Many fall for this. The last thing that the Little Empress offered Gaia Joy. Gaia had become sad and tired from the sorrow of the immperguim. Some say that the Nuwisha are said to be Gaia's laughter, but the Kistune are definitely Gaia's Smile.

The Kitsune's mission is to help save the other shifters from despair, as time goes on this becomes harder as time grows closer to the Apocalypse. Harrona becomes more and more of an issue and despair a more and more effective weapon of the Wyrm.


The Kitsune have three breeds, all of them can reproduce and none of them are considered any lesser. However there is always a price for a kitsune being born, Gaia did not have enough power left to fully make a new shifting breed.

The energy needed to produce a kitsune is eminence and one or both parents could die, if neither one dies often someone else in the family will pass away. The more mystically powerful the parents the more even the chance of death.

The Kitsune get the tragedy early in life, helping them to learn to over come dark times so they can better empathize with others.


Th Kitsune picks their Path unlike the other shifters they are not thrust into an auspice by birth or vision. The Kitsune goes through a rite that helps them choose their Path based on their true nature and where they belong.

Each Path Corresponds to a Composite Element. Clay, which combines Earth and Water. Fog which is Air and Water, Lightening which is Air and Fire, and Lava which combines Fire and Earth.

Form Statistics


General Kitsune Gifts
Kitsune Extras


A bane some times will make a pact with a Kitsune that should a vampire try to embrace the Kitsune they will not explode, but become a Kumiho. The Kumiho must eat the heart or the liver of a person every 100 days or they become a normal human.


The Beast Court have their own set a laws for getting along with the other Fera. You must still follow your personal Litany or the Nagah get to kill you.

Way of Emerald Virtue Edit

  • Shirk not the tasks which have been given you.
  • Guard the wheel that it may turn in fullness.
  • Presume not to instruct your cousin in his task.
  • Honor your territory in all things.
  • Let mercy guide you in our August Mother's court.
  • Honor your ancestors and your elders.
  • Honor the pacts with the spirit world.
  • War not upon human or beast.
  • Let no one violate the sacred places.

Beast Court Auspices

These are the Auspices of the Beast Court they aren't a real Auspice like the main ones the rest of the groups have. They are basically an advertisement to the others about what you are good at. The Beast court Operates in Sentais, which can have any type of Changing Breed in them.

The Lanterns are the Social Members of the Sentai, they can be the Face, or the Diplomat or the Negotiator.

The offensive fighting member of the Sentai. They are the front line fighters, the Warriors.

The mystics of the Sentai, dealing with the spirits and aiding the rest of the pack when it comes to spirital matters and knowledge of the occult.

Messenger and Scouts of the Sentai. The Leaf has leave to be more under handed then the rest of the group acting as scouts, assassins and messengers.

This is the Physical Support of the Sentai, this is the healer and someone who ill defend fallen members. Medics, Body Guard.

Going Between

This is a Sub game of Wolfshade which is a purely Garou game. Characters from the Beast court may not enter the Garou channels unless they are themselves Garou. Three of the Tribes may slide in between. The Stargazers, the Blood Red Crest and the Uktena. If someone is sworn to the beast court they cannot join the sept officially and vice versa.

Character may Briefly interact outside the caern but they will be punished for revealing the beast court to others. If you theaten the secrecy of the Beast Court…the Nagah get to kill you.

XP and Advancement

Characters who are made and approved will be given + 2 XP every week. The Players may spend XP they must list where they are spending the XP and keep track on the character's web site. Should they not do so the sheet will be audited.

When a player wishes a Gift they should write up how they gained this gift and connected the Quest to their character's web page. After the Quest is Posted the player may add the gift to their sheet.

Rank Challenges need to occur in two places their Breed Rank and their Court Rank. Both Rank increases in the same manner.

You make dice roll tests at difficulty 89 there is one roll per rank you are trying to reach. Once this is completed then the player may write up the story of their Rank Challenge and their Rank goes up.10

There are experience points milestone at which the player can challenge, they must pick which group they wish to perform the rank challenge with. Ten experience points after you can either recall if you failed to make your Rank or you may attempt to raise the Rank you didn't initially challenge for.

Once you Succeed in a Rank Challenge you cannot challenge for another level in that Rank. Even if you have backed up rank11

Catch Up Milestones are places where you can try to catch up with any outstanding Rank Challenge Failures, After them until the next Rank Milestone you can roll every ten experience points as long as you have backed up failed ranks.

Rank Milestone: 35
Rank Milestone: 75
Catch Up Milestone: 120
Rank Milestone: 220
Rank Milestone: 500
Catch up Milestone: 600

XP Debt

A character may go into XP debt at character creations, they submit a reason that the character requires this debt, for example if your character run something important to their breed or has a position important to the court.

The Storyteller will assign you your XP Debt and the Ranks you have. Instead of recording XP gains you record how much debt you have paid off. Once your debt is paid off and you have written up all your Rank Challenges you may start gaining XP(Your experience doesn't vanish the new experience you gain will be added to the total of your debt.) and hitting Milestones.

Places in China Town

China Square

The major tourist area which includes the Chinese Market and other trade mark places one expects to be in China Town. It and several blocks around it are mostly Chinese Americans. The Main street into China Town leads here and loops around.

Spices of China

Tokyo Row

A housing development with mostly Japanese family, though originally it was emptied during world war two. There is a memorial on the end of the row.

New Mumbai

Also known as New Bollywood, New Mumbai is a trendy area, it has plenty of shops, the largest local theater and the local TV station, the major of the residence here are from or descend from India.


A mish mash of other persons who came from East Asia and don't have quite the population to have their own place named after them.

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