Bear's Brigade

Formed by the Elders for Garou who were in need of a pack at the time. The Rites Mistress Summoned a Totem that would be willing to take on this group and the Totem that heard that call was Bear.


Alpha: Addison
Beta: Jarvis Astervon
Omega: Haruto "Harry" Knight

Rosendo Sombra
Emilio Salazar

Totem: Bear
Bear is wise in peace and fierce in war. He is a master of healing and mysticism, but the Garou mistrust him, for Bear’s true children are the Gurahl — werebears with no fondness for the Garou.

Individual Traits: Bear’s children gain a dot of Strength, can use the Gift: Mother’s Touch once per day, and can hibernate for up to three months at a time without need for food or water. Garou lose five points of temporary Honor renown (if they have it to lose), and reduce all Honor Renown awards by one point.

Pack Traits: Bear’s packs can use three dots of Medicine, and are well-regarded by werebears.

Purchased Traits:

Ban: Bear asks no specific behavior of his Garou. Petitioning for his favor has already cost them a great deal of standing among their own people.

Territory: Coventry

Pack Litany

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