Bastet Metis Gifts

Rank One

Create Element (Level One)
The metis may create a small amount of one of the four Western classical elements — fire, air, earth, or water. She could make a rock to throw, fill a bathtub with no faucet, light fires without matches, or provide air in an airtight room. She cannot create specialized forms of any lement. Precious metals (especially silver), lethal gases, and acid are beyond her reach. Elementals teach this Gift.

System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis. Each success allows the character to create roughly one cubic foot (.3 cubic meter) of the desired element, to a maximum weight of 100 lbs (45 kg), anywhere she can see within 60 feet (18 m). The element remains in existence until used up (breathed, in the case of air, or burned up, in the case of fire without any fuel to keep it going). The flames created by this Gift inflict one health level of damage per success, to a maximum of three levels of damage.

Sense Primal Nature (Level One)
As the metis Gift: Sense Wyrm, save that its difficulty is one higher and it can simultaneously sense and discern emanations of the Weaver, Wyrm, and Wyld.

System: The player rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the concentration and strength of the Wyrm’s influence: sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty 7, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty 8. Vampires register as Wyrm-tainted, save those with Humanity ratings of 8 or higher.

Shed (Level One)
The metis can shed a layer of fur and skin, slipping from an opponent’s grasp or escaping from bonds with ease. A lizard-spirit or snake-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player rolls Dexterity + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). If the roll succeeds, the character loses a tuft of fur or skin (revealing healthy new hide), allowing her to slip free of grapples or bonds such as ropes or chains.

Rank Two

Blinding Moonbeam Gaze (Level Two)
The werecat shoots bright beams of moonlight from her eyes. These don’t inflict damage, but can blind or distract an opponent, and provide illumination as well.

System:The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7), and may turn her “high beams” on and off at will for the rest of the scene. The moonbeams are roughly equivalent to a high-powered flashlight.

Whisker Sight (Level Two)
The Bastet gains perfect perception of everything within arm’s reach of her — even if it’s behind her or invisible.

System:The player rolls Perception + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). This Gift lasts for one scene.

Rank Three

Fist of Cahlash (Level Three)
The Bastet can destroy any material thing with a snarl.

System:The player spends a Rage point and rolls Rage against difficulty 6 (for inanimate objects) or 8 (for living and undead targets). Each success destroys 10 pounds of contiguous matter, reducing it to dust. A canny Bastet could use this Gift to weaken a building, or dispose of toxic waste. Used on a living creature, each success inflicts one level of bashing damage. The Bastet must be able to see what she intends to destroy, and it must be close enough to hear her snarl.

Visceral Agony (Level Three)
The werecat’s claws change to barbed, wicked talons dripping with black venom. While this venom is not itself lethal, it inflicts crippling agony. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift.

System:The player spends a Rage point before the character attacks. Any wound penalties suffered as a result of the character’s attacks during that turn are doubled (i.e. a foe at Wounded would lose four dice) for the rest of the scene. If the target is resistant to pain (such as in a frenzy) he suffers his normal wound penalties instead.

Rank Four

Moon’s Gateway (Level Four)
The werecat has the ability to open a moon bridge, with or without the permission of the totem of that caern. A Lune teaches this Gift.

System:The player spends one Gnosis point. See the Rite of the Opened Bridge (p. 207)for more information on opening moon bridges. The maximum distance that can thereby be covered is 1,000 miles (1600 km).

Rank Five

Wrath of Nala (Level Five)
The Bastet can call forth a powerful storm in a designated area. The storm uproots trees and overturns cars in its fury. An ancestor-spirit or a servant of Narukami, Lord of Thunder, teaches this Gift.

System:The player rolls Stamina + Enigmas (difficulty 7) and spends a minimum of one Rage point. Each success equals a one-mile (1.6 km) radius for the storm. Each Rage point spent adds a success and, therefore, increases the size of the storm, which lasts for no more than one scene.

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