Bastet Merits And Flaws

Free of the Yava (3, 4, or 5-pt. Merit)

Perhaps the character was granted a special blessing by a powerful spirit; perhaps they are simply a strange prodigy of the world. For whatever reason, the character does not suffer the restriction of one or more Yava: 3 points grants freedom from one Yava, 4 from two Yava, and 5 from all Yava.

Sex Appeal (4-pt. Merit)

Whether it’s grace, charm, or pheromones, the character’s got it. Those attracted to the character’s gender like being around him and are eager to please him. This grants a –2 difficulty reduction to all social rolls against such individuals.

Feral Near-Man (5-pt. Merit)

The character’s near-man form (Glabro, Anthros, Sokto, etc) is unusually savage in profile; perhaps this is a result of countless hours of shapeshifting refinement, or maybe the character was just born nasty. Either way, the Changer’s near-human form sports wicked claws capable of inflicting aggravated damage.

Cat Magic (7-pt. Merit)

In addition to the blessings of Luna and Gaia, the character has a rare aptitude for lesser human magic—she is capable of learning what mages call “hedge magic.” The character can use this talent to mimic Gifts and rites from any Changing Breed, and can develop her own mystic rites given time and Storyteller approval.

Step Sideways (7-pt. Merit)

Unlike normal members of her Breed, the character may step sideways in the manner of the Garou. While almost all members of her Breed can access the Umbra through Gifts or Rites, the character has an inherent connection to the spirit world. Perhaps this is a particular blessing from a powerful spirit, or perhaps it is as much a mystery to her as it is to everyone else.

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