Bastet Extras


Bastet use most of the same Backgrounds as Garou, eschewing only Ancestors (with the exception of Swara). They use personal rather than pack totems, however (calling such patrons “Jamak”). Bastet make additional use of two Backgrounds unknown to the Garou: Secrets, which they share with the Corax, (see “Shared Backgrounds,” p. 212)and Den-Realm

Den Realm

A personal Umbral realm that the Bastet can Side step into to gain access to the Umbra. The Den Realm must be anchored to a Location in the Physical Plane.

To Unanchor the Den Realm it takes from the beginning of the Bastet's Pryio to the end of it the next day. Reanchoring it takes the same amount of time meaning that moving a Den realm around is a long Undertaking.

The size of a house/one square mile.
•• The size of a mansion/two square miles.
••• A city block/five square miles.
•••• Two city blocks/10 square miles.
••••• Five city blocks/20 square miles.


A small but noteworthy secret — a secret affair,a hidden sexual orientation, a minor crime.
•• A moderate secret. The human identities of a Garou pack, the whereabouts of a criminal on the run, a significant crime, or evidence of two Garou sleeping together. Alternately, a few minor secrets.
••• A substantial secret, or equivalent amount of lessersecrets. A matter of life and death or utter ruination for someone. The location of a lost fetish that someone needs to stay lost. The identity of a murderer of one or more Fera.
•••• A heavy secret, or equivalent amount of lesser secrets. The location of a national fugitive, a vampire’s “little black book” of contacts, the location of a Gurahl.
••••• An enormous secret, or equivalent amount of lesser secrets. A high-level Pentex plot. The location of a legendary cursed fetish. The secret weakness of an Incarna


A Bastet's Personal Totem or Spirit Allie the Bastet shares favours with. The connections is more personal than a Pack Totem.


Background Cost: 1

The symbol of rebirth and change. Butterfly is always changing into new shapes and colours and sizes. This Jamak values a peaceful heart and full of wonder at the eternal dance.

Favours: Butterfly Grants the Bastet Use of the Gift Monkey's Uncle, and + 2 difficulty to Frenzy.

Ban: Butterfly's allies cannot attack others in Anger.

Hatii the Thunderer

Background Cost: 5

A powerful and intelligent Elephant Spirit, he's a valued ally, a strong and wise friend who gifts his chosen few with tough skin and an excellent memory.

Favours: Hatii grants his allies + 2 dots of Stamina in battle, but only in combat. Once per story Hatii's allies may commit a single fact to memory, Hatii may also input some new insight into a puzzle the allie is trying to solve.

Hattii's allies may also communicate to elephants as though they where a Great Cat.

Ban: Hatii's allies must defend herds of his cousins whenever possible, and should hunt down and kill anyone who murders an elephant for sport or ivory.

Sun Wukong the Monkey King

Background Cost: 3

A noisy and boisterous spirit, Sun Wukong represents caprice, mischief, nonsense and ferocity; his friends, however, understand the wisdom inherent in Monkey King's chaos, and respect his drive to break rules whenever possible. When he finds someone he respects (a rare occurrence), Sun Wukong is a loyal and powerful ally. While he might kid his friends, or play pranks on them, he'll be the first Jamak to show up if something's wrong.

Favours: Friends of the Monkey King when in need can call upon an extra dot of Dexterity and Athletics, which remains until the sun sets.

He will teach his friends one of the following gifts, it is often random. Treeclimber, City Running, Farsight, Clawstorm, or Monkey's Uncle.

The Monkey King's Friend Purchase the Sorcery Merit as if it were 5 dots instead of 7.

Ban: Sun Wukong Asks his followers to always use their cunning to fight the wyrm, should the Monkey King feel that their friends have fallen behind stretching the boundaries or turned their backs on riding the chaotic he will pay them a visit to liven up their lives.


Background Cost: 2

The creator of the world according to some folklore, the wise and patient Mantis dreams its way out of trouble. This Jamak knows the seven levels of silence, from meditation to death, and teaches them to its allies. When some problem threatens, Mantis folds itself still and waits. Sooner or later, the solution comes.

Favours: Mantis sends dreams and prophecies to those who understand how to be still. In game terms, this lowers the difficulty for rolls involving Enigmas, Investigation or Occult. THis bonus depends on the successes the cat makes on a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) to remain still and clear her thoughts. Each success lowers the difficulty by one. Such discipline often takes an hour or more, and cannot be done in combat or hectic circumstances.

Bans: Allies of Mantis cannot be hasty or reckless. if they aren't smart enough to be still, the spirit leaves them alone.

Mistress of Catkind

Most often she appears to those in the Beast Court as a Motherly Figure riding upon a Great Cat. She is a mother and a Teacher. Known by many names by those who worship her.

Favour: The Mistress of Catkind grants her allies one general gift of their choosing. Occasionally, she grants some special power or sends animal minions to a follower's aid; under most circumstances, however, the Mistress prefers to come in person, advise a cat, and leave.

Ban: If the ally of the Mistress ever serves the wyrm knowingly or unknowingly she will abandon them and they will loose all of the benefits until they have made amends.


Background Cost: 2

The spirit of Secrets, Whispers leads her allies to discoveries. With a little effort, her chosen can decipher messages no normal person could understand. This Jamak drifts in the air, unseen and barely heard. It's said that she's the echo of the Jamaa themselves, of celestial voices that filter down to the mortal world as half-heard memories. She's a hard Jamak to find, and tends to reveal herself only to the wisest Bastet.

Favors: Whispers' allies reduce all Enigmas-related difficulties by -3 if they make their Perception + Alertness roll first (difficulty 7 or so). On a whim, she might bestow a Gift like Night's Passage, Cheshire Prank or Eavesdropper's Ear. No one makes assumptions about Whispers' motives.

Ban: Allies of Whispers must avoid making loud noises, especially while speaking.

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