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Basic Information about Bailey


Name: Bailey Jean Moore
Additional Names: Bailey Thompson (maiden name), Bailey Moore
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid

Pack Storyteller:
Player: April Douglas moc.liamg|nwadlirparegnis#moc.liamg|nwadlirparegnis
Job: Works the Graveyard shift at a truck stop as a Waitress
Pack Affiliation: None at the Moment

Character fiction: Snippets of background and writing for Bailey can be found at Snippets of Fiction.

Description: Bailey is an adorable young woman looking to be in her mid to late teens. She is a tiny thing, standing 5'2" and is quite thin, aside from looking to be quite pregnant. She has long coppery hair that she tends to keep braided back out of her face, sparkling green eyes and pale skin with a healthy dusting of freckles. When she is working, she wears her work uniform—black slacks and a long-sleeved button down shirt. When she isn't at work, she is generally seen in faded and torn jeans and sweaters. She tends to wear a lot of layers and avoid showing much skin, even if it's warm.

Beneath her clothes, Bailey's scars are a road map of the abuse she suffered. On her left forearm is a nasty looking scar that appears as if a hispo Garou latched onto her arm and wouldn't let go. Small scars criss-cross all over her inner arms. On her back are 8 long claw marks that look to have been slowly and carefully cut into her skin. On one hip the glyph for 'Fianna, Fostern, Ahroun' and on the other hip the name, 'Gaia's Fury' has been painstakingly carved into her skin. Her upper legs and thighs are covered in bite marks and small claw marks. Her right ribs are still slightly tender where they were broken several months ago, and she has broken multiple bones in the time that she has been married.

Known History

Bailey Moore was born February 18th, 1995 to Dana and Dean Thompson.  She was their only child.  She grew up in Portland, Oregon.  When she was 6 years old, her mother was killed by Black Spiral Dancers, although Bailey believes that her mother was killed in a car accident.  After the death of her mother, her father became reckless.  He ignored the fact that he had a young child that depended on him, and his actions led to his death at the hands of the Wyrm when Bailey was 9 years old.  Without any family to speak of, Bailey was left all alone.

Her father’s pack mate, Michael, and his wife Molly took her in.  She was raised as one of their own, but they always managed to remind her that she wasn’t theirs, and that if it weren’t for their kindness she would be out on the street.

While she had a place to live and food to eat, her life was far from idyllic.  Mike was the best of the lot, but he was never home…and Bailey couldn’t really blame him for that. Molly had always resented Dana, and she took much of her anger out on the daughter that looked just like her.

Thomas was Mike and Molly's middle child, 3 years older than Bailey.  Even as a child, he was a horrible creature.  He would murder small animals and reptiles, sometimes leaving their bodies in her bed.  He would torment her over the death of her parents, telling her she was unwanted and a burden on everyone.  She quickly learned that telling her foster parents about his actions would only earn her a night locked in her room with no pillows or blankets.
When Bailey was 12, Thomas shifted.  Everyone in the house rejoiced.  He was sent packing to go through his cub hood at a different sept, and Bailey joined them in their joy.  She hoped she’d never have to see him again.
Two years later, after going through his rite of passage and becoming a Fostern, Thomas returned home.  It was then that Bailey realized what his family had in mind for her.  She was married off to her foster brother and they were settled into the house that Bailey had grown up in.  At first, Bailey held out hope that he had really changed, but it didn’t take her long to realize that he hadn’t changed…he was just better at hiding it.
On July 20, 2012, Bailey confirmed that she was pregnant with her doctor.  At the end of August, she confirmed she was pregnant with twins.   On October 10th, Thomas hit her for the last time.  After that, she was done allowing herself to stay in that position.  It took her time and planning, but she was able to make her break on October 30th.  While her husband and his pack and her father-in-law were off on a hive dive, she was taking the few valuable things she could gather up and running.  She left with a small bag of clothes, $50 that she had been able to save up, and a few small trinkets from her childhood.  She caught a ride with a truck driver going east, and she never looked back.


She ended up in Sweet Shelley when the stress, dehydration, and lack of sleep and food finally caught up with her.  She started having contractions, and the truck driver dropped her off at the nearest hospital.  She spent three days in the hospital.  She spent time speaking with a local social worker, and by the time she was discharged, she had a place to stay at a local shelter as well as a line on a possible job.  Though she’d never held a job before, her friendly demeanor, adorable face, and being 4 months pregnant helped her play the sympathy card.  She got the job, and has since found herself a tiny apartment.

Current State

Bailey is currently working at the truck stop, picking up as many shifts as she can. She is preparing for the birth of her children, although she doesn't yet know what she will be having. After spending 5 weeks flying under the radar, she finally ran into some of the local Garou.




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