Bagheera Gifts

Rank One

Humbaba’s Escape (Level One)
This Gift allows a wereleopard to dislocate her limbs and slide through small openings.

System:The difficulty of all rolls to escape bonds or slide through small gaps is permanently reduced by two.

Treeclimber (Level One)
The Bagheera is able to walk across any ledge, rope, or other narrow causeway, no matter how thin or slippery. Wind-spirits teach this Gift.

System: Difficulties for climbing decrease by three, and attempts to maintain balance automatically succeed. This Gift’s effects are permanent.

Rank Two

Lawgiver’s Legacy (Level Two)
The Bagheera draws all eyes to herself with a great exclamation, a clap of her hands, the striking of a weapon to shield, or
some other such gesture. Until she has had her say, none may depart or interrupt her. A lion-spirit teaches this Gift.

System:The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Appearance + Leadership (difficulty equals the highest Willpower among those whose attention she seeks to gain). If the roll succeeds, all in attendance fall quiet and listen. Any individual who wishes to interrupt the Bagheera or walk out before she has finished speaking must spend two points of Willpower to do so.

Ojas Surge (Level Two)
By channeling the spiritual energy within himself, the Bagheera can boost his physical and perceptual abilities to impossible levels.

System:To perform this Gift, the Bagheera must first meditate for (6 – current Rank) minutes, then the player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 7). Each success may be used to boost one of the following Attributes by one dot for the rest of the scene: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Perception or Wits. The successes may be distributed as the Bagheera wishes, and can raise Attributes beyond five dots. Multiple uses of this Gift do not stack.

Rank Three

Eye of the Cobra (Level Three)
With an unearthly stare, the werecat can draw anyone to within striking distance. A snake-spirit teaches this Gift.

System:The player rolls Appearance + Enigmas (difficulty equal to the target’s Willpower). The Bastet needs three successes to bring the target to his side; fewer successes will at least start the victim moving in the right direction. Once there, the target can do as he pleases, but he must try his best to get to the Bagheera until then.

Weak Arm (Level Three)
By watching an opponent’s fighting style, the Bagheera can quickly evaluate his strengths and weaknesses. Snake- and wind-spirits teach this Gift.

System:The player rolls Perception + Brawl (difficulty 8). Each success grants one bonus die to add to her attack or damage rolls against that opponent. For instance, a Bagheera who gets four successes could add two dice to her attack rolls and two to her damage pool, or four to her damage rolls, or three to attack and one to damage — whatever combination suits her. However, the distribution of dice cannot be changed once the Gift has been activated. This Gift can be used against a given foe only once per scene, and its benefits are lost at the end of the scene. A full turn of concentration is necessary to use this Gift.

Rank Four

The Paradox of Time (Level Four)
The werecat shows her target a dizzying and nonlinear view of the vast sweep of time, producing sickness and confusion rather than enlightenment.

System:The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Enigmas against a difficulty of the target’s Willpower. For each success, the subject becomes disoriented for two turns, suffering a –3 penalty to all dice pools. Mages with any dots in the Time Sphere are immune to this Gift.

Rank Five

Shiva’s Might (Level Five)
The mightiest of wereleopards may change into a Juddhoform reminiscent of Shiva the Destroyer. In a burst of holy light, the Bastet becomes a 12-foot-tall, six-armed Crinos-werecat wielding mystical flaming weapons, which lays waste to everything around it until nothing moves.

System:The player spends two Rage points and two Gnosis points. The Bagheera springs into Juddhoform and enters an indiscriminate killing frenzy. This form persists for (Bastet’s permanent Rage) turns. After the transformation ends, the Bastet loses all Rage, assumes his breed form and falls asleep for four hours. The Juddhoform’s traits are: Strength +6, Dexterity +3, Stamina +6, Appearance 0, and its weapons inflict Strength + 4 aggravated damage.

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