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Character's Basic Information

Name: Aíne O'Reilly
Tribe: Fianna
Breed: Homid

Player: SpiderKitty
Pack Affiliation:

Character's Stats

Character's Known History

Aíne was born to a single mother, Cayleigh O’Reilly, just outside the city of Dublin on February 20th of 1989. She didn’t know much to anything about her father, nor did her mother really talk about him other than that he and she came together on Beltane festival. But Aíne’s mother wasn’t around her much more after her 8th birthday as she passed away from a sudden illness. There was no family to take her in, so she was fostered until she was adopted by another family within the Sept. She had a bit of a normal family life, with the ups and downs of a growing child going to a rowdy teen to a young adult.

Her family didn’t stay much within Dublin as they moved off towards Wicklow to which Aíne finished her high school education there as a moderate student who excelled within a few sports. She made the decision to go to school in Dublin to gather an education for physical therapy. She did get a scholarship for academics and as well as for sports to attend the local university. Aíne has done well for her freshman year, though, having a few slip ups with going to a party here and there. She is starting her second year, and trying to do better than what she did the year before.

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