ahote "spiritheart" deerrunner

Name: Ahote "spiritheart"deerrunner Breed: homid Pack Name:
Player: taraL Auspice:theurge Pack Totem:
Chronicle: wolfshade Camp: sacred hoop Concept:displaced indian Tribe: wendigo
Physical Social Mental
Strength x2_ Charisma __x2_ Perception __x3
Dexterity _
_x2__ Manipulation _x3_ Intelligence _x3_
Stamina _x2__ Appearance x3__ Wits x4_
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness __x2_ Animal-Ken __x1
Academics _
Athletics _
x1__ Crafts _x1 Computer
Brawl _x3 Drive __ Enigmas __x2
Empathy _x1 Etiquette _x1_ Investigation

Expression x1 Firearms x1 Law
Intimidation x1 Larceny _
Medicine _x1
Leadership _ Melee x2 Occult x1
Primal-Urge _ x2 Performance _ x1 Rituals x2
Streetwise __ x1 Stealth x1 Science
Subterfuge x1 Survival _ x1 Technology
Backgrounds Gifts Gifts
fetish x1 persausion camouflage
pure breed x3 master of fire call the breeze
rites x2 mother`s touch
glory rage 1 Bruised
honor gnosis 3 Hurt –1
wisdomx3 willpower 4 Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5

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