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The Whitewolf fans that make up Wolfshade RP are planning to celebrate the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

This site is under renovations/updating, please feel welcome to visit

Join us in #Wolfshade-OOC on the IRC Darkmyst network, and on our web forum.

The game we are creating bases our setting with the idea that packs are one of the most important aspects of Garou society and tend to be rather under-represented.

To remedy this, and to ensure that everyone has their game-play experience maximized without needing to wait and wait and wait for lots of people or specific storytellers to get into the loops, we are bringing play TO the pack level. Each pack will have their own Storyteller amongst their numbers, who will be able to run adventures for them to ensure each player has a chance to participate and gain Renown, which means that there won't be a need to wait for more people to tackle these snippets of storyline. They will run exclusively on when it is convenient for the pack, and then the logs can be submitted for everyone to enjoy and read while the Staff awards Renown to the characters based on participation.

Anyone who wishes to don a Storyteller's hat but not run a game, or learn to be a storyteller since pack numbers will be smaller, will be able to do so without overwhelming themselves with paperwork or responsibilities. Those of us who don't wish to don this hat, well, then don't! Join us for play! We're all social creatures and all forms of gamer geeks are welcome :)

Above in the dropdown menus can be found links to pages for the various packs with information on things they've done or are doing, and which members they include. Also tucked away on the site you can find information on the physical setting of the sept, both in-game and within real life, so that you can get an idea of and feel for the spirit of the place your characters will be living in and defending.

NPCs will be added as they are created if they are involved in running the sept, and a page containing sept positions will be added as the characters are created.

If you would like to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Whitewolf with us by playing in a game focused on YOU as a player drop in to visit the irc channel #Wolfshade-OOC on the Darkmyst network.

IRC can be downloaded here

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